How we work

Our orchard is a mix of low density old-style (40 trees per acre) plantings and high density modern (1000+ tree per acre) planting styles. We have our own nursery which supplies our new orchard plantings. We employ both a seasonal and year-round labor force. In peak season, our team comprises of up to 50 people. We provide quality housing and amenities for our employees. Additionally, a segment of our farm is dedicated to distribution and have established trucking routes to bring fruit directly from the farm to the buyer.



  • Low and High Density Orchard Plantings

  • Diverse Client Base

  • Trucking and Shipping

  • Good Agricultural Practices (Primus GAP certified)

  • Rootstock and Tree Nursery

  • Cool Storage

  • International Relations

  • Superior Employee Housing and Amenities

  • 5000 SqFt Repair Shop

  • State of the Art Communication and Technology