family owned orchard

We are a 320 acre, family owned orchard located in Wayne County, NY. Father, Daughter, Son and Chilean Orchard Manager, take pride in producing a variety of delicious fruits including apples, peaches, sweet and tart cherries. Together they implement skills and techniques acquired through international education and outreach on their growing operation.

next generation fruit growers

The farm is lead by brother and sister, Alec and Alicia Abendroth, who are both educated in Business and Horticulture, specifically fruit production, in Germany and the USA. Alicia is a graduate from both Geisenheim University and Cornell University with a focus in business and pomology, while Alec graduated from an in-depth fruit farming and management apprenticeship program in Germany. Both Alec and Alicia are trilingual, speaking English, German and Spanish. Together, they aim to produce fruit both ethically and efficiently, alongside their team of carefully selected and skilled orchardists from all around the globe. Their father, Robert Abendroth, both farmer and entrepreneur, is founder and head of Abendroth’s Apple Ridge Orchard.

strong customer-grower relationships

As an orchard, we aim to produce high quality fruits and distribute them most effectively and efficiently to market. We take pride in cultivating strong customer-grower relationships and happily tailor our fruit to the demands of our customers. We are a farm based on good agricultural practices and it is our goal to nurture a team of highly skilled individuals that is successfully able to bring excellent quality fruit to our consumers.